It's a song that beckons you into a conversation with it into a relationship and in so doing it demands further listens. So my initial response here is just that; the beginnings of a deeper experience I'm promised to have with as song this emotionally dense and simultaneously light on its feet.

The lightness I think comes from the incredible lack of self consciousness in the lyrics and the beautiful gentle way they're sung, that's hard to do while also keeping each line so tight, literate and crafted. Not many manage it. That and the incredible groove that just flies and swoops and circles above the urban sprawl of life and lies and hopes and fear it evokes.

I love that you're not content to stay in one emotional place. Love and beauty and desperation and cynicism all exist in one moment that feels far more real and human than those songs that would seek to major on one emotional state.

You're a master of imagery, the small yet beautifully depicted domestic scenes that carry a world of weight, single socks hanging, pillows made up the way one likes. You take the mundane and the ordinary and you elevate it to the sacred and heroic. It's why we need art, it reminds us this whole world is a temple and helps us to understand out own place and time and story.

I also like that you've written unashamed pop music right down to a sing along chorus and yet packed it with the sophistication and emotional depth of a short novel. Steve Earle beautiful described what songs should be when he called them literature you can consume in your car. That's definitely this. It's easy to enter into, it doesn't demand of me and yet it gives a huge amount.

More than anything the whole thing seems wonderfully evocative of the deep earthy soul of Tracey Chapman. That's evocative not imitative. Huge difference

You are very very good at this. And I am so far from your target audience. I'm a miserable bastard drawn to the art of the self destructive. And yet I can come from ah echo chamber of Tom Waits and Springsteen and Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen and find that this has all the marks of craftsmanship sophistication I might want in a song. A deep deep soul and it invites me into an experience that might want to normally find its belonging in a world very different to mine. And it's a testament to your artistry.

Andrew E - Independent Review

Latest Single 'Sirens' review

An amazing artist both vocally and the way she plays guitar. Jessie tells story with every track and is a genuine honest person. Building on heart break/ anguish but has a real positive outlook on things too, she's really clever, how she makes it all work.

Alex Nobel

BBC WM introducing

Jessie first came to my attention when auditioning for our artist development programme which we run in partnership with MAS Records / Kidderminster College. I also watched her climb the ranks at Open Mic UK where I was judging. Jessie’s talent combined with her positive perspective has seen her grow, evolve and develop on a rapid basis over the past 3 years. 

Jessie’s skill and commercial appeal is of a high level. The difference between Jessie and most other young artists that I come into contact with is her work rate and attitude. She is one of life’s do-ers. She’s the kind of person that knows how to network and achieve the goals that she sets for herself. She will always find a way to win through commitment, tenacity and ability. 

Jonny Amos

Songwriter, Producer and Creative Director at The SongLab Ltd

....I'm not exaggerating here when I said she was beginning to cross the Mark Knofler line of rhythmic finger picking. This style is unbelievably rare in the modern climate..... I'm excited to see how she branches off in the future, just because I think her style could work well with some very alternative and unusual themes....

Independent music reviews

The production on 'Audience Of One' falls into neither of the traps of many singer/songwriter albums, being neither too stripped down and basic nor too fussily over-produced. And the blend of acoustic guitar and piano is faultless. Above all, Jessie's way with lyrics, packed full of memorable imagery, is exceptional. If you haven't heard her yet, make sure you do soon. This is one of the best debuts the UK music scene has delivered for years.

Cross Rhythms

UK Media

Jessie has an incredible way of using metaphors in her lyrics, not in a cliche way, but in a way that provides a visual for the words she writes.  

Independent company- global impact on a rapidly evolving music industry

Jessie Dipper wowed me as an artist you could see over & over again...She reminds us of a female version of Ed Sheeran, her talent is undeniable, she has a great future ahead.

Live Vibe

Creating a platform for upandcoming/emerging talent

Jessie uses her 'two voices' (gravelled rasp and falsetto) beautifully, with great space in between, giving her a very unique vocal tone and sound. 

Adrian A

Founder of Treehouse Sessions, a magical and intimate performance space – Streamed live.

It was an absolutely beautiful set, and really got the audience involved...we loved your unique sound, with great loop pedal work, and you're a fantastic storyteller!

Absent Kelly

London Based live music and club promoters

I've never seen an acoustic artist interact with the crowd so well! One of the best new acts I've seen this year.

The Catapult Club

Birmingham based Promoter

Jessie is a songwriter who's love of words combined with her musical talent create songs that reflect her views of the world. Her love of nature influences her music to create an authentic sound, that which mirrors her enjoyment of campfires and the outdoors.

Collaborating artist


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