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Alex Nobel,
BBC introducing

An amazing artist both vocally and the way she plays guitar. Jessie tells a story with every track and is a genuine honest person. Building on heart break and anguish but has a real positive outlook on things too, she's really clever, how she make it all work.


GSG Media review

Vocally, Jessie knocks it out of the park here, and her chemistry with the nail-biting instrumentation in the background demonstrates that the rumours are true: she is not one to miss!


Maximum Volume, Music Reviews

The seeds for Jessie’s musical exploration were sown while growing up overseas, witnessing first-hand the pattern that music paints across culture and the freedom it brings to seemingly voiceless people.


Get Ready to Rock,
Classic, Metal and Progressive Rock Reviews

The song is an earworm of that there is no doubt. A perfect piece of urban folk pop, which is made for daytime radio.


Jonny Amos,
Songwriter/ Producer

Jessie's talent combined with her positive perspective has seen her grow, evolve and develop on a rapid basis over the past 3 years. Her skill and commercial appeal is of a high level. The difference between Jessie and most other young artists that I come into contact with is her work rate and attitude. She is one of life's do-ers. She's the kind of person that knows how to network and achieve the goals that she sets for herself. She will always find a way to win through commitment, tenacity and ability.


String Buzz, Music Reviews

I'm not exaggerating here when I said she was beginning to cross the Mark Knofler line of rhythmic finger picking. This style is unbelievably rare in the modern climate. I'm excited to see how she branches off in the future, just because I think her style could work well with some very alternative and unusual themes.

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