"Folk Grunge"

Award nominated, emerging and unsigned indie singer-songwriter, Jessie Dipper, (currently Birmingham based) released her debut album 'Audience of One' in the spring of 2019. In a few short years, Jessie has successfully released two EPs, gigged up and down the UK and toured Melbourne (Australia) and Auckland (New Zealand) in 2018 as well as included Uganda (2015), Sri Lanka (2016), Romania (2018) and The Netherlands (2018) in her performance repertoire. Showcasing her unique musicianship of with grit to falsetto vocal abilities and rock/jazz/funk inspired acoustic and electric guitar capabilities, with a persona to captivate an audience with her quirky, and conversational demeanour and stage presence, complete with odd socks. 


Her new album speaks of her story speckled with grief and joy, entwined with the wonder of all that life can become, in her communicate the more-ness of life through the music she makes. With the aim to facilitate the listener in sharing their own stories to spark the conversation of who we are and what life is to us. 


Recorded in several different places around the country, this record echoes the twists and turns of living in so many environments, and what it has become to ‘belong’ in the world but not of it. Its dynamic, acoustically rooted, alternative rock/jazz influences, give it an unconventional prowess, establishing Jessie's zeal for what she does and who she is through both the perplexities and simplicities of this project.


Described as “a female version of Ed Sheeran”, “Bjork and Lily Allen on acid”, and “crossing the Mark Knofler line of rhythmic finger picking”. Alex Nobel from BBC WM introducing (having been featured on their show a number of times) has described her as "telling a story with every track, a genuine and honest person, really clever with how she makes (the messaging of her songs) work". Industry professionals have recognised her tenacious guitar abilities, vocal ingenuity and songwriting artistry after 4 years of beginning this journey. 

Having continued to take opportunities to seek out more people and their stories across the world, and travelled to Abuja, Nigeria in March of this year, as well as Dubai in April to work with teams based in the Middle East working in local communities, Jessie seeks to build the relationships formed across the world in working towards being an influence within the western world were she was originally born. In sharing the perplexities of joy and sorrows in life from the Nations to the Nation. Whilst being based in Birmingham to grow roots within her local fan base, and developing as an artist over the bridge of London to Brum (where connections have also blossomed).

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Jessie Dipper

United Kingdom

Jessie Dipper © 2019

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